TweetPush PRO Review – Get Twitter Traffic On Complete Autopilot

Tweet Push

If you are like me, you know the value of social media traffic, but you have probably spent way too much time trying to get traffic from FB, Twitter, IG.  The problem is that you can spend all day posting and conversing, or get distracted by those darn cat videos.  I didn’t get into this to spend all day getting that computer screen pale look.  Of course, automation is the answer, and apps are coming out that keep upping the automation game on social networks.  Check this one out to save you tons of time on Twitter.  Maybe you can get outside and get a real tan. (Don’t burn though 🙂  )

What is TweetPush PRO?

TweetPush PRO is a Twitter marketing tool that will help you in getting more traffic and audience on your Twitter handles that too on complete 100% autopilot. Even if you don’t know anything about Twitter marketing, don’t worry TweetPush PRO will take care of everything. So, you don’t have to spend all your time and day posting on Twitter.

Who is TweetPush PRO for?

If you are struggling to get traffic and audiences on your local business, then TweetPush PRO is the tool you need. It uses the best Twitter marketing techniques to get you in front of the audience who are ready and have the potential to buy what you are selling.

Some of the people who can benefit from TweetPush PRO are –

  • e-Commerce Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers

4 things I love about TweetPush PRO:

1) Twitter has the biggest concentration of actual real buyers across all social networks. TweetPush PRO takes this into consideration and brings you right in front of the audience that is ready and has the capability to buy what you are selling.

2) With TweetPush PRO you can schedule your tweets and even repeat tweets at fixed intervals. So, just set the intervals and relax.

3) TweetPush PRO not only gets you the required traffic, but also lets you reply in bulk to those who have tweeted using your keywords. This gets you hot traffic with buyers who are looking for products in your niche.

4) With TweetPush PRO you can create campaigns and connect your RSS feeds & YouTube channel to Twitter.

What will I get inside TweetPush PRO?

TweetPush PRO lets you get Twitter traffic on complete autopilot . Here is a detailed look at exactly what TweetPush PRO will do for you:

  • Grab traffic from trends based on locations and keywords & hashtags.
  • Find qualified leads and connect with them on auto.
  • Auto-reply, retweet, direct messages help you create engagement fast.
  • Monitor mentions, replies, and engage prospective leads quickly.
  • Get in front of buyers right when they want to buy.
  • Create campaigns and connect your RSS feeds & YouTube channel to Twitter.

Any drawback to TweetPush pro?

Do you want to keep on losing traffic on Twitter? Or just keep on searching and grabbing the people who will bring you sales? Well if that is the case then you may be at the receiving end. Cyril’s this product is definitely gonna get you to the fore on Twitter and this is not a short term thing at all. Once you start using TweetPush PRO so long as you keep at it you will get the required traffic on 100% autopilot. Now if you are repelled by being popular then maybe you should reconsider TweetPush PRO! Other than that just go for it without even batting your eyelid.

Final thoughts on TweetPush PRO:

The fact of the matter is that it is not possible to get the right set of targeted traffic every time you try to sell something. Sooner or later you will lose motivation or just get plain tired of all the hard work. Cyril has factored in every possible element of Twitter marketing with TweetPush PRO. If you have put in a lot of efforts in setting your business, then you must go ahead and buy TweetPush PRO. After all why waste your time and efforts in order to get the results, as TweetPush PRO will improve your analytics immediately. It will automate everything for you.

Get TweetPush PRO today through this link and skyrocket your earnings using Twitter!

Internet Marketing Lessons #12

Internet marketing Lessons

50 Product Ideas for the Work-at-Home Market

Small Business Trends just posted a list of 50 small business ideas for the homebody.

But being the online marketers we are, we can look at these as 50 great ideas for info products you can create and market to people who want to work from home.

Remember, product ideas are everywhere.



How to Get the BEST SEO Possible at the Lowest Price

Okay, so you don’t know anything about SEO, and frankly you don’t want to learn.

It’s not your ‘thing.’

But naturally you want your best sites to rank really high in the natural search results.

So what should you do?

Most marketers will hire someone at $10 or $20 an hour to do it for them.

The problem with this is most of those $10 or $20 an hour workers don’t actually make money by ranking their own sites.

Which is to say, they’re not the best of the best at SEO.

Do you know who is? People who DO get their own sites to the top of Google.

The problem, though, is these experts are more likely to charge you $1,000 an hour for their efforts.

So here’s what you do: Hire a true expert to tell you what needs to be done in 30 minutes for half his hourly rate.

Record the call.

Then hire the $20 an hour SEO person to implement what you learned from the true SEO pro.

It’s the best of both worlds, and it flat out works.


“Pssst… Hey Buddy… Got Any Successive Approximations?”


Ever notice how the various professions create new terms to try to make us feel stupid?

I hope you don’t do that to your readers. And if you catch me doing it, just slap me. Please.

Now then… a “successive approximation” is a rather silly term for a psychological trigger that you, as a marketer, really should know…

Because it can put money in your pocket.

Here’s what it is in a nutshell:

Once someone has performed an action – no matter how small – they’re more likely to continue performing additional actions that are in line with the first action.

In fact, they might even feel obligated to go along with larger requests.

So when someone has just given you their email address on your squeeze page, they are more likely to buy your $7 ebook than someone who hasn’t given their email address.

And when that person buys your $7 ebook, they are more likely to buy your $47 product, as so forth.

That first act of giving their email address creates a bond between them and you, and they feel obligated to continue taking action.

As marketers, we call this the ‘foot in the door approach.’

And it’s why we don’t start out selling $1,997 courses to strangers.

The takeaway: Keep this rule in mind for all of your marketing, not just your sales funnels.

Getting people to take a small action such as sharing your post, liking your picture, replying to your tweet, filling out your survey and so forth is your foot in the door.

Now your job is to keep asking and let your readers, prospects and customers keep saying yes.



Stupid Little Trick to Reaching Your Income Goal

When you learn martial arts or most any form of fighting, one of the techniques they teach you is to punch through your opponent.

For example, instead of aiming to punch your opponent’s face, you aim to punch a point just behind their head.

This gives your punch much more force, because your target is well beyond their face. You need more effort to make it happen.

And in exerting more effort, you make your punch stronger.

Plus, if your target is their nose, you will subconsciously pull your punch, meaning your fist will actually slow down as it approaches its mark.

Now then, let’s say your income goal is $1,000 a week. Instead of aiming for $1,000, aim for $1,500.

You will have to work harder to reach this goal and push further, with higher expectations. All of which will lead to a better result.

And even if you ‘pull your punch’ before you hit $1500, you will still exceed the $1,000 goal.

I know this sounds strange, but try it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly shocked at your results.


One of the Best Ways to Get Rich?

Building and selling a business.

When you start a new business or website, build your exit strategies right into your businesses.

Make them totally self-contained with their own lists, domain names, payment processors and so forth.

Then when some person or company wants to buy it, you can hand everything over with ease for a big payout.

This is, in my opinion, one of the best and most certain ways of getting rich.


Online Marketing in a Nutshell

Imagine all the prospects you attract to your business as being a large mound of gravel.

But hidden in that gravel are diamonds.

Your job is to sift through the gravel to find the diamonds, and to do this as cheaply and effectively as possible.

You want to spend the majority of your marketing time and money on the diamonds – not the gravel.



How to Increase ‘Subscribes’ and Open Rates with One Word

Instead of using the phrase, “mailing list,” use “alert” instead.

Do people want to join your mailing list?

Not really.

But do they want to be alerted to the latest news, products and so forth?

You bet!

So instead of asking people to subscribe to your list… (yawn)

…ask them if they want to be alerted to breaking news and products (wow!)

Then send them a daily email with the latest news and yes, the latest PRODUCTS.

Your subscribe rate will be higher…

…your open rate will be higher…

…and your unsubscribe rate will be lower, too.



Making Daily Money from Freebie Seekers

Here’s a clever idea for making money with your list:

You have a list of buyers and list of prospects, right?

Rent out your list of prospects to product owners, advertising their “Product of the Day.”

This is different, because nearly all solo ad sellers won’t let ad buyers send traffic directly to a sales page – they have to send it to a squeeze page.

But some product sellers want to focus only on getting sales, which is where your “Product of the Day” series comes in.

Each day, you rent your list of prospects to product owners. You’re not sacrificing your own buyers, and you’re giving marketers a chance to make sales directly from your list, using your good name for added credibility.

It’s a nice way to monetize all those freebie seekers who for one reason or another aren’t attracted to your products.

Remember, just because they haven’t bought your stuff doesn’t mean they won’t be enticed by someone else’s product.


90% Discount = Tons of Profit

I love this idea: Send out emails or postcards offering a huge discount on one of your products.

In fact, make the discount as big as 90%.

For example, a $200 product would go for $20 with the discount. How can your prospect resist that??

Make the discount extremely time limited, so they must grab it NOW.

And of course, make one or more offers on the backend, because this is where your real profit will be made.

Folks are super excited to get such a huge discount. They’ve just made a purchase, they’re in the buying mood, so…


You hit them with a juicy upsell or two and you’re in the money.




5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep

I found this gem in a Dr. Wayne Dyer recording, and I’m going to give you the paraphrased, greatly shortened version here…

In your sleep state, your subconscious mind is busy at work.

So let’s say you’ve just gone to bed.

You’re laying there, getting drowsy… and what are you thinking about?

Probably all the bad things that happened that day – all the things you didn’t like, all the people who were rude, all the negativity you experienced that day.

But here’s the thing… while you sleep for those 8 hours, your subconscious mind is marinating whatever you’ve fed it.

So if your last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are of bills and no sales and a lack of money, guess what your subconscious is going to give you?

More bills, no sales and a general lack of money.

Yup. You know what to do.

Don’t think about the negative stuff as you fall asleep.

Instead, count your blessings. Think about everything you’re grateful for, and that includes everything you want to come your way.

Be grateful that your business is growing.

Be grateful that you are making more and more sales.

Be grateful that… whatever it is that you want, be grateful for it.

Now your subconscious will go to work to bring you those things that you want.

In fact, your subconscious will work through the night to achieve your goals.

All you have to do is feed it properly before you fall asleep each night.

Life Lessons from an 80-Year-Old Catwalk Model

Imagine you’re 80 years old and a model. Deshun Wang doesn’t have to imagine it – some say he is the hottest guy on the catwalk. And yes, he is 80 years old.

Lessons learned:

  • You can start your life from scratch whenever you want, regardless of age.


  • Start over as many times as you want, and as many times as you need to.


  • It’s okay to start from nothing. In fact, it might be advantageous, because it gives you supreme motivation.


  • Age is not a factor.


  • Age is not a factor.


  • Age is not a factor.


  • Work, effort and perseverance ARE factors.


  • Whatever you are doing, you can step it up a notch. Deshun started going to the gym when he was 50. At 70, he ‘really got into working out.’


  • It’s never too late. At the age of 79, Deshun did his first catwalk.


  • Always have more things that you want to achieve. It’s your reason for getting up in the morning and your reason for living.


  • Potential is great, but action is even better.


  • When you think it’s too late… it’s not. Don’t let that be your excuse for giving up.


  • No one can keep you from success, except yourself.


  • When it’s time to shine, be the brightest.

Watch his 2-minute video here:

IM News Vol 3 Issue 1

internet marketing

Be Careful What You Share on Facebook

Facebook is now banning Pages that share fake news from buying ads. If you repeatedly post links flagged as fake by third party fact-checkers, you’ll be blocked from buying ads until you stop sharing those posts.



How to Find Affordable Influencers to Rocket Your Sales

Social media is chock full of countless bargain-rate influencers, ready to send you traffic.



MUST READ: How to Write Email Subject Lines Like a Pro

And five lists you really should be on. Subject line examples:

“I’m so good with Asian Moms”

“You’ll think I’m crazy”

“Make them do a double take”

“How to stop torturing yourself”

“Here’s what I wish someone had told me sooner…”



Should You be Advertising on Yelp?

Maybe… Yelp is introducing custom (local) audiences for national advertisers.

Google Rolls Out ‘Landing Page’ Assessment Tool

These reports will enable marketers to identify and prioritize which URLs need to be fixed. For example, if a page is driving a lot of clicks on the desktop but is not mobile-friendly, it needs to be addressed.



Tested Advertising Strategies from The Man Himself – Robert Collier

If you’re serious, do me a favor and discover how you can move your readers to action. (Hint: I used 3.5 of the strategies is that previous sentence.)



3 Popular Social Media ‘Hacks’

The pros, the cons and the risks. Hack #1 – should you be buying ‘Likes?’


How to Use Emotion to Create Your Own Advocates

Can you give your brand a competitive advantage simply by using emotion the right way? Yes – in fact, you might generate 6 times your current revenue.


Google Sending Violation Notices to Site Owners

Here’s what to do if you get a “Violating Ad Experiences” notice…



“3 Reasons I Deleted Your Cold Outreach Email”

If you’re trying to reach out but not getting a response, this might be why…



Homepage Not Converting?

Maybe it’s because of one of these often ignored 6 elements:



Ex Saturday Night Live Writer Improves Your Storytelling

Here’s how to spend 5 minutes a day learning to improve your storytelling, straight from a Saturday Night Live writer who clearly knows his comedy.



Are You Doing SEO for Local Biz?

Then maybe it’s time to drop the location modifiers such as “near me.” Here’s why:



7 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails have approximately 5 times the open rate of bulk mailings – here’s how to make the most of them.

I love #6, ‘Surprise and Delight.’



PayPal Announces New Cash Back Mastercard

Could this encourage your customers to buy more from you? Or maybe you would like 2% cashback on your purchases as well.



10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Break these and you’ll be ignored, or worse.



Google Adds Autoplay Video Preview Clips to Search Results

These are 6 second clips taken from videos, played without sound. This is yet another reason to be using video in your marketing…



Microsites are Ideal for SEO, Right?

Well, maybe not. They can actually create unnecessary headaches when you’re performing SEO.


11 Cyber Security Questions Every Small Business Should Ask

Here’s a great infographic that illustrates some of the pitfalls that are best avoided.



5 Ways Words Can Destroy Your Marketing Messages

As Steve Martin used to say, “Some people have a way with words, and other people… not have way.”

Here are copywriting tips to improve your marketing and ensure you don’t lose sales simply because you said the wrong thing.

33 Tactics to Grow Your Business… Without Spending a Penny on Marketing!

Grow Your business

Imagine you grow your business, like an e-commerce site from nothing to $50,000 in monthly revenue just three months after launching. Impossible?

Actually, I’ve seen case studies that prove it can and does happen.

“But it takes a big marketing budget, right?”

Nope. If you know what you’re doing and you’re willing to put in the work, every single sale can come from free online marketing tactics.

In fact, when you learn these methods, not only can you grow your revenue quickly – you might also be able to raise significant VC funding and gain some primo customers or clients very quickly.

Here are 33 free marketing tactics to consider. Will you use them all? Not likely, unless you have some good virtual assistants to help you out (hint hint!)


  1. Submit a free press release for distribution using a service such as PRlog


  1. Create a lead magnet and use it to capture and market to leads. Promote your free lead magnet on forums and guest posts.


  1. Create a white paper or “how to” guide showing how to achieve a certain goal (using your product, of course)


  1. Haunt Quora and respond to questions in your niche. Look for questions that are getting a lot of play, or have a lot of people waiting for an answer.


  1. Share your startup on Betalist, the daily list of newest startups


  1. Sign up for a social monitoring service like Respond to anyone that mentions your brand or one of your competitors. Answer relevant questions about your niche.


  1. Cross promote with other companies or movers in your niche. Offer to trade mentions and tweets with social media accounts that have a similar number of followers.


  1. Join Meetup, find appropriate groups and message the coordinators, asking for speaking gigs at their meetings or events.


  1. Film yourself when you speak before a group, and post those videos on YouTube and your blog.


  1. Create a Crunchbase page


  1. Share your website on


  1. Write a post for each one of your competitors, comparing it to your product. This should attract search engine traffic looking for reviews of your competition (Sneaky, right?)


  1. Launch your own topic at Place your website into your topic page


  1. Search for blogs using your most relevant keywords. Leave posts on those blogs linking back to your site


  1. Have infographics created that are highly relevant to your business, and then share them on free distribution sites such as Pinterest and


  1. Ask your existing users to help you by promoting your company or giving referrals


  1. Get your business featured on blogs and websites by showing specifically how it can help their readers. Offer the site owner an affiliate commission for each person who joins your list from the post and / or for each person who buys your product. Works especially well outside of the IM niche.


  1. Guest post. A lot. Read up on how to guest post and become an expert at it. Entire businesses have been built from scratch to six or seven figures through guest posting alone.


  1. Find newsletters that focus on startups – such as StartUp Digest – and get featured there.


  1. Use a tool such as Majestic to discover who links to your competitors. Then reach out to those websites and ask for links.


  1. Submit presentations to Slideshare


  1. Run a free giveaway or deal on social media to get your target audience to follow you


  1. Submit your site to Product Hunt


  1. Teach a class on Skill Share about your niche


  1. Find out what questions people in your niche are asking, then answer those questions in blogposts (great for SEO)


  1. Create a deal on AppSumo


  1. Reach out to Twitter followers of your competition


  1. If you’re a B2B, reach out directly to possible customers on LinkedIn


  1. Grow your site traffic by making it super easy for your readers to share your content with a tool such as Twilighter


  1. Reach out to influencers in your niche on social media


  1. Give away your product free to influencers in exchange for reviews


  1. Become a source on your niche for ‘Help a Reporter Out’


  1. Write roundup posts – pick the 30 or so experts you would most like to mention you, your product or company. Ask each one to answer a super relevant question, then post all those answers in an article with a link back to each expert’s site. Let them know the article is live, and some of them will link to it from their sites or from social media.


Just a few of these, done properly, should see your new business growing fast and strong.

Do them all and you will grow your business and be an unstoppable powerhouse.

This Is How to Make The Most Powerful Lead Magnet Ads

Lead magnet ads

Lead magnet ads working for you? I’m going to use the online marketing niche as our example to explain this technique, but keep in mind this could work equally well in other niches, too.

Consider this: When people have a specific problem that’s driving them crazy, they’ll do almost anything to fix that problem NOW.

For example, a bride-to-be has an acne outbreak the day before her wedding – what wouldn’t she do to fix her problem?

A woman is in immediate danger of losing her job – what wouldn’t she do to convince her boss not to fire her?

Parents are losing their child to alcohol – what wouldn’t they do to save their child?

Their need is great and immediate. Do you think they might pay to find the solution? Of course. Do you think they would enter their email address into an opt-in form to get the solution? You bet they would!

So how do we use this knowledge in a niche such as online marketing? Simple: If you pay attention to forums and blogs, you’ll notice there’s always some sort of online marketing crisis.

For example, Google just changed how they rank websites, and now thousands of online marketers are losing tons of money. Think they might like the solution?

Paypal is suddenly seizing accounts without warning and freezing the funds. Would the account owners like an answer on how to unfreeze their accounts? Would everyone else like to know how NOT to get their accounts frozen? You bet.

Facebook just changed (fill in the blank) and now marketers are unable to (fill in the blank) or maybe they’re banned, or…

Aweber just did the unthinkable, and marketers everywhere are freaking out.

XYZ hosting site just got hacked, big time. Websites are down and backups are missing – what to do?

The list goes on and on. Keep tabs on the forums and you’ll find a new crisis every month and often every week.

As you’ve probably already guessed, your lead magnet is going to offer the solution to the latest marketing crisis. Just imagine how fast marketers will give you their email address when you have the answer they desperately want NOW.

Right about now you’re asking, “But how am I going to find the solution when they can’t?”

Good old-fashioned research, that’s how.

Go to the help sections of the websites involved in the latest crisis and find out everything you can. If possible, call the website and ask all the questions you need to ask. Hit the chatrooms and forums and glean all the helpful info that is available. If you find an expert who knows what s/he’s talking about, do a quick phone interview.

Timing is everything on this, and you have got to act fast. If the crisis hits on Monday, ideally you want your lead magnet up no later than Tuesday to take full advantage of the tsunami of new leads you’re going to get.

And by the way, when you’ve got the solution everyone is desperately looking for, what does that make you? The trusted expert and authority, that’s who. Do you think people will click your lead magnet ads and read your future emails? You bet your life they will.

Now here’s the trick to getting your squeeze page in front of as many of these marketers as possible:

Outsource people to search out forums and threads where marketers are talking about this problem. If someone is looking for help, that’s where you want a link to your solution. Have your outsourcers post a link to your squeeze page offering them the answer they seek.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Oftentimes that thread and even your post offering your lead magnet will end up on page one of Google for that particular search.

Not bad, right?

And here’s the best part – your opt-in rate will be sky high. It will almost certainly top any squeeze page you currently have.

One more thing – if you want to take this just one step further, it can blow wide open.

Get podcasters to interview you, and do guest posts on as many blogs as possible.

Think about it – this problem is all over the online marketing community. What podcaster or blog owner doesn’t want to have someone with the solution to offer their listeners and readers?

Just one post on a major blog or podcast can result in a thousand subscribers in 48 hours.

Remember to position your solution not just as the answer to the problem, but also as the way to AVOID the problem for all those who aren’t already experiencing it. This way you’ll be able to grab not only the marketers looking for a solution, but also everyone else who wants to avoid this headache.

Wealth loves speed. Now go find the latest crisis, research the solution and start building that list with Lead magnet ads.