Did You Know These Things About Content Marketing?

  • Writing content is only half the job. The other half is promoting your content. You’ll do best when you invest as much time promoting your content as you do writing it.


  • Content that is at least 2,000 words tends to rank a good deal higher on Google than content that is less than 2,000 words.


  • Depending on the niche, infographics will often produce a better return on investment than any other form of content.


  • Content marketing, once started, must be continued to see results. If you aren’t consistent with your content, traffic will drop and you’ll lose ground.


  • Write blogposts as though you’re talking to your friends – not as though you’re trying to impress a teacher or professor.


  • Time-based or news-related content can get you some quick traffic.  But evergreen content that continues to be relevant for months and years produces the best long-term results.


  • Regardless of your niche, it’s a great idea to consistently guest post on other blogs to build links and traffic.


  • You should link out to other sites from within your content – even if it’s your competitor’s site. Your goal is to benefit the reader. Plus this will help other sites to notice you, share your content and potentially link back.