Internet Marketing News Sept 2021

Internet Marketing News 0921

Twitter Testing Dislike Button – With a Catch

Some Twitter users on iOS devices can now press a small thumbs down under some posts. Twitter says the option to downvote posts is an effort to gather feedback about which replies are relevant.

As talk show host Stephen Colbert quipped, “Finally, we’ll be able to tell if people on Twitter hate something.”

But there are a couple of catches: The option to dislike a post is only available on replies to tweets, rather than the original post. And not every user will see the same options.

Downvotes won’t be visible to posters or to the public, which is a proactive step in keeping things positive on the social media giant.

Instagram Growth with Organic Content: A Comprehensive Guide [Video]

Want to grow your Instagram reach and exposure? Wondering what to post? Learn how to grow your Instagram account without ads by watching this in-depth guide from Instagram expert Jenn Herman. Learn what types of posts to use in the Instagram feed and Instagram Stories, and how to format and structure your posts for better organic reach and active engagement.

You’ll also get tips for using color, calls to action, and human elements in your posts. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Instagram Insights to find trends that will inform and improve your Instagram content performance.

Persuasion Science: Marketing Insight from Robert Cialdini

Do you want to persuade more people to do business with you? Looking for persuasion techniques that work for any business?

Here you’ll discover three modern principles of persuasion science and what they mean for marketers.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business: A Guide for Marketers

Here’s a complete guide to using hashtags strategically across Instagram feed posts, story posts, and IGTV posts. You’ll learn how to choose your hashtags, how many to use, and where to put them in your posts for best results.

How to Create a Social Media Calendar: A Template for Marketers

Here’s how to set up an effective social media content calendar to plan and manage your posts. You’ll also get suggestions for great tools to help you create and manage that content.

3 Ways to Build Warm Facebook Ad Audiences

Here’s how to use three types of Facebook ad formats to improve your results.

80 Things to Check Before, During, and After Launching a Website

Websites are complex. There are so many things that are easily overlooked, like a broken link or a misspelled word.

And of course, a handful of things could go very, very wrong. Like what if you forget to test an important data capture form and then lose out on generating a bunch of new leads? Or worse, what if you forget to properly set up site redirects, and those valuable search engine visitors get a ‘page not found’ message?

Instead of worrying about the what ifs, wouldn’t it be much easier to have a comprehensive website checklist to run down before every site launch? Here’s one you can use for enterprise websites, microsites, landing pages, and everything in between.

10 Strategies to Improve Paid Search & PPC Marketing

It’s important to regularly revisit your paid search strategy to improve campaign performance by taking these 10 best practices into account.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Social media, when optimized properly, continues to be the biggest way for brands to build social proof, get more customers and make more sales.

How to Use Surveys to Tap into Trending Conversations (and Build Links)

Here’s a walk through on how you can utilize surveys to add value to conversations and earn the interest of writers at top publications.

Infographic: Get Free Twitter Followers Instantly – 15 Tips & Tricks

Get free Twitter followers instantly using these methods without buying Twitter followers and without getting tricked into doing surveys. You won’t need trial and error again because these methods will get you real followers fast.

Follow these steps to get free Twitter followers instantly:

YouTube Shorts, YouTube Clips, and More [Video]

Watch this video to benefit from YouTube changes concerning:

  • YouTube Shorts
  • YouTube Shorts Creator Fund
  • YouTube Shorts Sampling
  • Shorts Analytics
  • YouTube Clips
  • YouTube Picture-in-Picture for iPhones and iPad
  • New Video Upload and Edit Experience
  • YouTube Stories Metrics

Avoid These 15 Common Google Analytics Mistakes

Simple analytics mistakes can interfere with your SEO reporting. Don’t feel bad if you’re making mistakes in Google Analytics. Even experienced SEO professionals do. The good news is that you can learn to spot and solve them.

Infographic: LinkedIn’s List of Top 10 In-Demand Marketing Skills

Here’s how in-demand marketing job skills and titles reflect industry shifts.

This infographic explores a few of the trends that stand out, including the increasing reliance on technology, a growing trend of leveraging social media and the continuing relevance of SEO.—training-skills

How to Get More Views on YouTube

With more than 3 billion monthly searches, YouTube is not just a popular social networking platform, but the second largest search engine on the Internet.

5 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes to Avoid [Video]

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to enhance your reach to more and more social media users. By creating effective ads, you can attract more people.

How to Beat Your Competition in Blogging [Video]

Neil Patel: “Video is going to be the future. It’s much more interactive. You can do step by step. You still need to do text-based content, but now you have to do omni-channel. You have to do podcasts, video and text. You can’t just do one anymore. See blogging is much more competitive. There’s over a billion blogs. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people in this world. You need to do more than just create a blog. You need to do the video content. You need to do a bit of everything if you want to do well now”.

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