Internet Marketing Lessons #12

Internet marketing Lessons

50 Product Ideas for the Work-at-Home Market

Small Business Trends just posted a list of 50 small business ideas for the homebody.

But being the online marketers we are, we can look at these as 50 great ideas for info products you can create and market to people who want to work from home.

Remember, product ideas are everywhere.



How to Get the BEST SEO Possible at the Lowest Price

Okay, so you don’t know anything about SEO, and frankly you don’t want to learn.

It’s not your ‘thing.’

But naturally you want your best sites to rank really high in the natural search results.

So what should you do?

Most marketers will hire someone at $10 or $20 an hour to do it for them.

The problem with this is most of those $10 or $20 an hour workers don’t actually make money by ranking their own sites.

Which is to say, they’re not the best of the best at SEO.

Do you know who is? People who DO get their own sites to the top of Google.

The problem, though, is these experts are more likely to charge you $1,000 an hour for their efforts.

So here’s what you do: Hire a true expert to tell you what needs to be done in 30 minutes for half his hourly rate.

Record the call.

Then hire the $20 an hour SEO person to implement what you learned from the true SEO pro.

It’s the best of both worlds, and it flat out works.


“Pssst… Hey Buddy… Got Any Successive Approximations?”


Ever notice how the various professions create new terms to try to make us feel stupid?

I hope you don’t do that to your readers. And if you catch me doing it, just slap me. Please.

Now then… a “successive approximation” is a rather silly term for a psychological trigger that you, as a marketer, really should know…

Because it can put money in your pocket.

Here’s what it is in a nutshell:

Once someone has performed an action – no matter how small – they’re more likely to continue performing additional actions that are in line with the first action.

In fact, they might even feel obligated to go along with larger requests.

So when someone has just given you their email address on your squeeze page, they are more likely to buy your $7 ebook than someone who hasn’t given their email address.

And when that person buys your $7 ebook, they are more likely to buy your $47 product, as so forth.

That first act of giving their email address creates a bond between them and you, and they feel obligated to continue taking action.

As marketers, we call this the ‘foot in the door approach.’

And it’s why we don’t start out selling $1,997 courses to strangers.

The takeaway: Keep this rule in mind for all of your marketing, not just your sales funnels.

Getting people to take a small action such as sharing your post, liking your picture, replying to your tweet, filling out your survey and so forth is your foot in the door.

Now your job is to keep asking and let your readers, prospects and customers keep saying yes.



Stupid Little Trick to Reaching Your Income Goal

When you learn martial arts or most any form of fighting, one of the techniques they teach you is to punch through your opponent.

For example, instead of aiming to punch your opponent’s face, you aim to punch a point just behind their head.

This gives your punch much more force, because your target is well beyond their face. You need more effort to make it happen.

And in exerting more effort, you make your punch stronger.

Plus, if your target is their nose, you will subconsciously pull your punch, meaning your fist will actually slow down as it approaches its mark.

Now then, let’s say your income goal is $1,000 a week. Instead of aiming for $1,000, aim for $1,500.

You will have to work harder to reach this goal and push further, with higher expectations. All of which will lead to a better result.

And even if you ‘pull your punch’ before you hit $1500, you will still exceed the $1,000 goal.

I know this sounds strange, but try it.

I think you’ll be pleasantly shocked at your results.


One of the Best Ways to Get Rich?

Building and selling a business.

When you start a new business or website, build your exit strategies right into your businesses.

Make them totally self-contained with their own lists, domain names, payment processors and so forth.

Then when some person or company wants to buy it, you can hand everything over with ease for a big payout.

This is, in my opinion, one of the best and most certain ways of getting rich.


Online Marketing in a Nutshell

Imagine all the prospects you attract to your business as being a large mound of gravel.

But hidden in that gravel are diamonds.

Your job is to sift through the gravel to find the diamonds, and to do this as cheaply and effectively as possible.

You want to spend the majority of your marketing time and money on the diamonds – not the gravel.



How to Increase ‘Subscribes’ and Open Rates with One Word

Instead of using the phrase, “mailing list,” use “alert” instead.

Do people want to join your mailing list?

Not really.

But do they want to be alerted to the latest news, products and so forth?

You bet!

So instead of asking people to subscribe to your list… (yawn)

…ask them if they want to be alerted to breaking news and products (wow!)

Then send them a daily email with the latest news and yes, the latest PRODUCTS.

Your subscribe rate will be higher…

…your open rate will be higher…

…and your unsubscribe rate will be lower, too.



Making Daily Money from Freebie Seekers

Here’s a clever idea for making money with your list:

You have a list of buyers and list of prospects, right?

Rent out your list of prospects to product owners, advertising their “Product of the Day.”

This is different, because nearly all solo ad sellers won’t let ad buyers send traffic directly to a sales page – they have to send it to a squeeze page.

But some product sellers want to focus only on getting sales, which is where your “Product of the Day” series comes in.

Each day, you rent your list of prospects to product owners. You’re not sacrificing your own buyers, and you’re giving marketers a chance to make sales directly from your list, using your good name for added credibility.

It’s a nice way to monetize all those freebie seekers who for one reason or another aren’t attracted to your products.

Remember, just because they haven’t bought your stuff doesn’t mean they won’t be enticed by someone else’s product.


90% Discount = Tons of Profit

I love this idea: Send out emails or postcards offering a huge discount on one of your products.

In fact, make the discount as big as 90%.

For example, a $200 product would go for $20 with the discount. How can your prospect resist that??

Make the discount extremely time limited, so they must grab it NOW.

And of course, make one or more offers on the backend, because this is where your real profit will be made.

Folks are super excited to get such a huge discount. They’ve just made a purchase, they’re in the buying mood, so…


You hit them with a juicy upsell or two and you’re in the money.




5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep

I found this gem in a Dr. Wayne Dyer recording, and I’m going to give you the paraphrased, greatly shortened version here…

In your sleep state, your subconscious mind is busy at work.

So let’s say you’ve just gone to bed.

You’re laying there, getting drowsy… and what are you thinking about?

Probably all the bad things that happened that day – all the things you didn’t like, all the people who were rude, all the negativity you experienced that day.

But here’s the thing… while you sleep for those 8 hours, your subconscious mind is marinating whatever you’ve fed it.

So if your last thoughts before drifting off to sleep are of bills and no sales and a lack of money, guess what your subconscious is going to give you?

More bills, no sales and a general lack of money.

Yup. You know what to do.

Don’t think about the negative stuff as you fall asleep.

Instead, count your blessings. Think about everything you’re grateful for, and that includes everything you want to come your way.

Be grateful that your business is growing.

Be grateful that you are making more and more sales.

Be grateful that… whatever it is that you want, be grateful for it.

Now your subconscious will go to work to bring you those things that you want.

In fact, your subconscious will work through the night to achieve your goals.

All you have to do is feed it properly before you fall asleep each night.