IM News Vol I Issue 3

By on January 3, 2018

List Building Goal Helper

If you don’t have a clear, measurable list building goal, then odds are you will be building your list much more slowly and in a ‘hit or miss’ fashion. That’s why you’ve got to set a goal and see how fast you can get there.

List Goal is a simple app that helps you quickly set your list goal, keeps you focused on the goal by continuously reminding you of it, and helps you find new ways to get more subscribers.


Be Careful What You “Like” on Facebook

A court in Switzerland has convicted a man on several counts of defamation for ‘liking’ libelous comments on Facebook. Fine? $4,100.


YouTube Shortcuts

Did you know that by toggling the spacebar, you can pause and un-pause a YouTube video?

Or that you can find the exact frame you want? When it’s paused, use the comma button to go the previous frame, and the period button to go the next frame.

Here’s a full list of YouTube video shorts:—youtube


What’s Better – Paid Search or Organic Search?

It depends, and you might be surprised.


Quick Adjustments to Your Marketing that Bring in More Sales

Small changes can make a big difference. For example, building tribes, identifying enemies, reciprocity, social proof and loss aversion are all tactics you can implement this week to see results fast.


7 Must-Do’s to Grow a Fanatical Following Online

Imagine your fans love you so much, they rave about you in social media and buy anything you put out. Fantasy? Luck? Nope. Here’s how to make your followers as loyal as your childhood golden retriever.


6 Tips to Help You Get Great Reviews

Timing, confidence and simplification are keys to getting an abundance of positive reviews. And once you have them? Don’t forget to place them on your website for all to see!


Quora’s Native Advertising Solution is Finally Available

Good news! It’s out of Beta and you can start using it now:


Creating Apps? Then You Better Know THIS:

A whopping 88% of Apps are abandoned by users due to bugs and glitches.

I gotta tell you – a 12% success rate does not make for happy customers.


10 Things Learned at Social Shake-up 2017

The importance of evergreen material – 48% of traffic to the Atlantic’s website comes from articles NOT posted that month.

Still not using live video? “Just push the damn button.”

‘Pizza’ marketing, the 5 “P’s,” the key to success in social media and more:


Need a Voice Over Artist?

Try this site – it’s pretty much all volunteers and amateurs, so you might find exactly the voice you’re looking for at a price that’s unbeatable.


Need Sound Effects for Your Videos and Audios?

It offers hundreds of thousands of Creative Commons sound effects.