IM News Vol 3 Issue 1

internet marketing

Be Careful What You Share on Facebook

Facebook is now banning Pages that share fake news from buying ads. If you repeatedly post links flagged as fake by third party fact-checkers, you’ll be blocked from buying ads until you stop sharing those posts.



How to Find Affordable Influencers to Rocket Your Sales

Social media is chock full of countless bargain-rate influencers, ready to send you traffic.



MUST READ: How to Write Email Subject Lines Like a Pro

And five lists you really should be on. Subject line examples:

“I’m so good with Asian Moms”

“You’ll think I’m crazy”

“Make them do a double take”

“How to stop torturing yourself”

“Here’s what I wish someone had told me sooner…”



Should You be Advertising on Yelp?

Maybe… Yelp is introducing custom (local) audiences for national advertisers.

Google Rolls Out ‘Landing Page’ Assessment Tool

These reports will enable marketers to identify and prioritize which URLs need to be fixed. For example, if a page is driving a lot of clicks on the desktop but is not mobile-friendly, it needs to be addressed.



Tested Advertising Strategies from The Man Himself – Robert Collier

If you’re serious, do me a favor and discover how you can move your readers to action. (Hint: I used 3.5 of the strategies is that previous sentence.)



3 Popular Social Media ‘Hacks’

The pros, the cons and the risks. Hack #1 – should you be buying ‘Likes?’


How to Use Emotion to Create Your Own Advocates

Can you give your brand a competitive advantage simply by using emotion the right way? Yes – in fact, you might generate 6 times your current revenue.


Google Sending Violation Notices to Site Owners

Here’s what to do if you get a “Violating Ad Experiences” notice…



“3 Reasons I Deleted Your Cold Outreach Email”

If you’re trying to reach out but not getting a response, this might be why…



Homepage Not Converting?

Maybe it’s because of one of these often ignored 6 elements:



Ex Saturday Night Live Writer Improves Your Storytelling

Here’s how to spend 5 minutes a day learning to improve your storytelling, straight from a Saturday Night Live writer who clearly knows his comedy.



Are You Doing SEO for Local Biz?

Then maybe it’s time to drop the location modifiers such as “near me.” Here’s why:



7 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails have approximately 5 times the open rate of bulk mailings – here’s how to make the most of them.

I love #6, ‘Surprise and Delight.’



PayPal Announces New Cash Back Mastercard

Could this encourage your customers to buy more from you? Or maybe you would like 2% cashback on your purchases as well.



10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Break these and you’ll be ignored, or worse.



Google Adds Autoplay Video Preview Clips to Search Results

These are 6 second clips taken from videos, played without sound. This is yet another reason to be using video in your marketing…



Microsites are Ideal for SEO, Right?

Well, maybe not. They can actually create unnecessary headaches when you’re performing SEO.


11 Cyber Security Questions Every Small Business Should Ask

Here’s a great infographic that illustrates some of the pitfalls that are best avoided.



5 Ways Words Can Destroy Your Marketing Messages

As Steve Martin used to say, “Some people have a way with words, and other people… not have way.”

Here are copywriting tips to improve your marketing and ensure you don’t lose sales simply because you said the wrong thing.