IM News Vol 1 Issue 2

By on December 23, 2017

Is your affiliate marketing program meeting federal guidelines?

What you need to know about compliance in the affiliate marketing industry.


YouTube channels must now hit 10K views to start earning ad revenue

After several tumultuous weeks for YouTube over unwanted media attention and advertiser protest over ads showing up on unsavory video content, YouTube announced that ads will not show on videos from new creators until a channel reaches 10,000 views.

The change is aimed at keeping bad actors from proliferating to earn ad revenue from the video platform.


Do we still need to disavow in the era of penguin 4.0?

Previous versions of Penguin would cause entire sites to be suppressed if the algorithm thought that you’d engaged in manipulative link building. Now, instead of causing a site wide demotion when Penguin detects spam, they’ll simply devalue that spam so that it can’t help improve a site’s rankings.

The change brings up this question: If Penguin is able to devalue spam, is there any reason to disavow links anymore?

20 YouTube Video Ideas to Put on Your Small Business’s Channel

Product spotlights, announcements, in-action, comparisons, mini-movies and 15 more…


Instagram Introduces New Direct

Instagram launched the new Direct to turn any conversation into a visual conversation with photos and videos.


How to Amplify Your Pinterest Marketing

Do you want more Pinterest exposure?

Are you looking for ideas to create engaging Pinterest boards?

Here’s how 3 brands are using unique Pinterest boards to amplify their visual marketing:


Facebook Cracking Down on Fake Likes and Comments

Facebook announced the disruption of a major spam operation that had been filling the social network with fake likes and comments.


LinkedIn Just Added Several Ways to Make Messaging Easier

Users can now send messages from anywhere on the desktop site


Want to Go Viral? Try Being Nice

In these divisive times, nice, inclusive messages that don’t alienate either side of the political aisle are finding favor.


LinkedIn’s Dirty Dozen: 12 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a list of spoken and unspoken rules of etiquette and best practices which, when you’re aware of them, you’ll be more comfortable and confident in using social media for business.


Teachers Find New Small Business Niche – Monetizing Lesson Plans

And there’s plenty of room here for some enterprising entrepreneurs to capitalize on this idea and run with it, too.


5 Ways You Can Target Mother’s Day Shoppers (Infographic)

Marketing Mother’s Day to a digital audience can mean a surge in sales if you do it right.

Five Ways Small Businesses Can Target Mother’s Day Shoppers (INFOGRAPHIC)