Creating Content the EASY Way

Borrow but don’t steal

It’s perfectly fine to aggregate content from other sources as long as you’re doing something new with it.

For example, you might do a post on 22 ways to get traffic. To put it together, you research the best methods and the pull the best ideas from different sources, creating a comprehensive guide and giving credit for each source.

Do an expert round up

You can interview industry experts on a certain topic, either via Skype or simply by email. It’s always interesting to see what different experts have to say on the same topic, and the name dropping won’t hurt your readership, either. In fact, some of those experts will share your post with their own readers.

Create a top 10

It can be the top 10 of whatever you like. People love top 10 lists and they get extensively shared on social media, too.

Make a list

Lists of any size can be as popular as top 10’s. Make a list of the top articles on a topic, the top experts, the best ways to accomplish a task and so forth. Lists always have a number in the title, and they provide quick, snackable content people love to devour.