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Life Lessons from an 80-Year-Old Catwalk Model

By Bryon / November 5, 2018

Imagine you’re 80 years old and a model. Deshun Wang doesn’t have to imagine it – some say he is the hottest guy on the catwalk. And yes, he is 80 years old. Lessons learned: You can start your life from scratch whenever you want, regardless of age.   Start over as many times as […]


How To Get What You Want in Life

By Bryon / August 16, 2018

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction.  If you’re like most marketers, you’ve also poo-poo’d the Law of Attraction, too.  After all, it’s just new age hocus pocus malarkey, right?  You can’t sit on your duff, get what you want, and attract a new television to yourself.  (Well, actually you can, with the help of […]


How To Outsource Right To Grow Your Business

By Bryon / August 12, 2018

Let’s be candid – You can discover how to outsource the easy way or the hard way, but you’re going to find this out sooner or later. The hard way is the way most marketers do it. They make mistakes when outsourcing, lose time and / or money, and then learn from their mistakes. I […]


How To Become an Expert in Anything

By Bryon / August 8, 2018

Think You’re Not ‘Expert’ Material? Think Again… You can become an expert in anything. When you’re an expert, you command respect in your niche. People listen to you, they pay attention to what you say and most of all they buy your products. Being the expert in your own niche is like writing your own […]


3 Powerful and Surprising Goal Getting Tips

By Bryon / May 30, 2018

I once heard a famous motivational and sales speaker tell the story of someone who set some goals. It seems he wrote down all of his great big goals like getting a super high paying job, traveling the world, starting a non-profit foundation and so forth, folded up the paper and put it in a […]


Do You Have a Big, Fat, Hairy _____?

By Bryon / May 20, 2018

This is the ONE thing you must have that makes everything else fall into place. Here’s a riddle for you: What one thing MUST you have that gives everything in your life purpose and makes your life far more exciting? And when you don’t have it, everything is dull, boring and monotonous? Let me put […]

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