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7 Instagram Hacks for More Followers and Traffic

By Bryon / August 31, 2019

Make sure you are using these Instagram hacks to get the most eyes on your content. This of course leads to more followers, then traffic and sales! 1. Breakup content with linebreaksGo to your notes app and type the full bio or Instagram caption there. Then copy the text and paste it into the appropriate […]


How to Get Laser Targeted Facebook Traffic on Demand

By Bryon / August 21, 2018

This month we’re continuing our series on how to build your own business using a lead magnet, a squeeze page, and Targeted Facebook Traffic. First, we started with creating the perfect lead magnet that targets your audience and makes them sign onto your list. Next, we covered exactly how to build a squeeze page or […]


How To Make the Best Facebook Page for Your Business

By Bryon / August 20, 2018

15 Things You MUST Know to Get REAL Results If you want the best Facebook page for your business, here’s what you need to know: 1: Don’t confuse business pages with personal profiles. If you create a personal profile for your brand instead of a Facebook Business Page, you’re going to miss out on content […]


2018 Facebook Changes Put Community First

By Bryon / March 12, 2018

Every web user is familiar with Facebook; in fact, it is likely that these Facebook users are enjoying the online social interaction while expanding their network of friends in cyberspace quickly. But there is more to that today as Facebook becomes proactive with its features as time passes. Business Strategy with Facebook Even businesses have […]