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3 Killer Email Techniques for Max Sales

By Bryon / September 27, 2018

You’re watching a television show and it ends with a dark scene of a hand firing a gun at the hero. You don’t know if the hero lives or dies. You don’t know who shot the hero or why. And you’re in suspense. So what do you do? You watch the next episode, of course. […]


Can One Word Slash Your Unsubscribe Rate?

By Bryon / August 7, 2018

How do you improve your unsubscribe rate? You work hard to build your list.  Now how do you keep your readers from leaving?  Can one work make all the difference in your unsubscribe rate? One thing is certain.  A certain percentage of new list subscribers will unsubscribe from your list almost immediately.  They’ll get the […]


Get Higher Conversions with These 10 Personalization Tricks

By Bryon / April 11, 2018

  It’s amazing what a little personalization can do. Quick example: You go into a store looking to buy something. A sales person helps you, but you leave without making a purchase. You go back a week later, and the sales person greets you by calling you by name. How do you feel? Maybe respected, […]


Try This – Guest Emailing

By Bryon / January 3, 2018

You’ve heard of guest posting. But what about guest emailing? Here’s how: Find a list owner to work with Ask to write an email for their list Offer a terrific lead magnet related to the topic Use a 1-click opt-in to get the subscribers So what’s the incentive to the list owner to let you […]