Better to Ask Forgiveness than Permission

Just something to ponder…

John Hawkridge, owner of the U.K. Gallipot Inn, found an old discarded bus stop sign.

Thinking it would be great for business if he had a bus stop right outside his pub, he erected the sign for a laugh, not expecting much to come of it.

But soon customers were queuing up for the bus, and the bus was stopping…

…now there is an official bus stop right there outside of his pub, and business is booming.

Is there a parallel to be found in your business? Perhaps. It’s certainly worth keeping in mind that sometimes it is more effective to simply DO the thing that needs doing, rather than asking permission first.

“Think outside the box” has become so cliché, it’s almost meaningless.

Perhaps from now on, we should say, “Put up a bus stop sign.” Because you just never know, it could work.