7 Instagram Hacks for More Followers and Traffic

Make sure you are using these Instagram hacks to get the most eyes on your content. This of course leads to more followers, then traffic and sales!

Breakup content with linebreaks

Go to your notes app and type the full bio or Instagram caption there. Then copy the text and paste it into the appropriate field on the app.  

Any linebreaks you add will show up in the post.  The end result is a caption that's a lot easier on the eyes and has a better chance of being read.


Use multiple links in your bio – here's how

As mentioned in a previous list, you can use the one link in your bio to provide your
visitors with multiple links all in one place by using https://linktr.ee

Then add a series of posts in your Instagram account and include a call to action like Click link  in your Instagram bio


​Use your computer

Normally Instagram is limited to uploading content from your phone but you probably got a little ton of photos and videos on your hard drive.
You can upload content from your computer using the flume app

​Hide hashtags

Instead of having multiple hashtags within your post, add a few in the post content and then and the rest in the first comment. Remember you can use a total of 30. To find the most popular hashtags, Google hashtag generators.

Repurpose content

If you find images that you'd like to use, and download them and then upload them to canvas and edit them however you like by adding text, icons or even your own watermark or logo.
By adding your brand name your help drive traffic to your site through Google searches.

Add locations

To get your content in front of a larger audience, it is smart to geo-tag your images and videos. Users commonly scope tag locations to follow other people in the same area. By taking multiple areas with your various content, he spread out your social casting net.


Make your bio or comments stand out more with relevant emoji's.  These can be done on a mobile device but if you are using a computer then go to emojicopy.com
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