5 Content Formats That Never Fail

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Assuming you keep your content relevant and interesting, here are five formats that continue to win readers over time and time again.

Bonus: All 5 are easy to research and write, too.

1: The “How-To”

Anytime you can give your readers actionable “how to” content that they can immediately put to good use, you’re helping your readers and yourself.

First, you’re giving them what they need, when they need it. Second, you are now the authority in their eyes.

Bonus: The middle and end of your how-to articles are the perfect places to get people on your list, because you’ve just proven just how helpful you can be to them.

2: The List

You know how this works: “5 Ways to Make $100 This Afternoon” or “7 Most Influential People in Movies” or “9 Reasons to Go to Lunch with Your Ex.”

Anytime you can put a number in the headline and give them a list, you’re already halfway to getting your readers on board and consuming your content.

3: Reviews

Whenever you buy a product that would interest your readers, do a review, even if you don’t have an affiliate link.

People love to read honest experiences and thoughts about a product, which is why they will often Google the product name followed by the word, “Review.”

And they’re easy to write, too. Just offer your experiences – good and bad – with the product.

4: Case Studies

You’ve found someone who accomplished something your readers want to know about, so why not write it up?

Tell what they did, how they did it and what their results were. People love to read case studies.

Be sure to tell about the things they did right and the mistakes they made, because your readers will learn from and enjoy both.

5: Commentary

Do you have an opinion? Then share it. Be polite and respectful, but be honest.

Some readers may hate you for it, while others will love you. The ones that love you are your tribe.

And they’re also the same people who will buy everything you sell.

Pick one of the above and write an article right now, right off the top of your head.

Publish it.

Then sit back and smile.

Easy, right?