2018 Facebook Changes Put Community First

By on March 12, 2018

Every web user is familiar with Facebook; in fact, it is likely that these Facebook users are enjoying the online social interaction while expanding their network of friends in cyberspace quickly. But there is more to that today as Facebook becomes proactive with its features as time passes.

Business Strategy with Facebook

Even businesses have become tech-savvy to climb on board this dynamic social media network to gain more benefits. Understanding the dynamics of social media, businesses are flocking to Facebook to seek out their potential business leads and investors to boost bottom lines and growth.

There are millions of potential customers on Facebook which a business could tap on to convert into loyal brand ambassadors and supporters. However, there must be some diligence in tracking the changes happening within Facebook in order to enjoy the full benefits of this social network giant.

Latest Changes in Facebook

Facebook is indeed well aware of how it has become a powerhouse for businesses across the globe regardless of size and industry. The social network giant is renowned as a popular online marketing platform or hub for many businesses to venture out on greater gains and where business collaborations could be successful with the right minds and hands joined together.

This is how Facebook has dramatically changed the way businesses operate today and how they market on the web. Facebook boasts of over 2 billion users today to entice all businesses for the potential business opportunities available on this vibrant platform.

It is not surprising then that Mark Zuckerberg announced certain major changes to happen at the start of 2018. This news perk up the market with great interest and expectations, although many business owners are concerned about accommodating these changes for their benefit.

Steps to Take

Facebook offers new changes that are very holistic in creating a dynamic and vibrant online community that would ease online searches for web users. These changes attempt to assist web users in finding useful and relevant contents with more meaningful social engagements and interactions.

This would mean that web users are able to view preferred information from close connections such as their family and friends instead of being bombarded with irrelevant posts that come from media, businesses and brands. How would businesses respond to such changes to survive the intense competition in the marketplace?

Quality over Quantity

Businesses must be proactive in reacting to these changes that would affect their bottom line. They would need to focus on better quality content instead of churning out massive materials which may not be relevant to their target audiences. Quality must take over quantity to satisfy the demands of modern consumers that are highly discerning over delivered information.

Contents must be relevant and useful to be value added for a specific purpose or function. Web readers are interested to read on really juicy posts with value and meaning over hearsay and gossips on the web. This is where business content writers need to focus on materials which their target market audiences would want to receive and respond to.

Value-added contents must be entertaining, educational, inspiring and relevant to the current status of web readers.

Engagements and Interactions

Facebook offers a vibrant platform for all its users to engage and interact well. Every post could stir up the environment with hype and buzz. That would draw much attention to the brand and author.

A conversation could be triggered by the right post where thought-provoking questions could be asked and opinions sought. A successful online engagement with web users would be their proactive response in sharing their ideas, opinions and stories on the topic or issue presented.

It is easy to create a tribe of like-minded people who want to be connected to be engaged in issues shared. This is happening with Facebook Live where the platform is considered as ‘hot and happening’ in the market in cyberspace today. This platform offers the opportunity for a lot of member interaction and engagement between brands and users. Businesses that gather such reviews and feedback would be able to improve their modus operandi with the right tools and marketing strategies.


Webmasters must try to avoid sensationalized news just to get some brief attention. These are the issues which Facebook implements changes to stamp them out. Tricky posts and unprofessional tactics like clickbait try to outsmart the search algorithms on indexing and evaluations of web pages for higher rankings.

Such unauthentic engagement bait tactics could cause undue trouble to the brand and business owner. The Facebook algorithm is capable of detecting such tactics that attempt to force web users into undesired engagements. However, if the post is interesting and authentic, it would stimulate interest and attention to have good responses from readers.

Hence, it is important to have the right intention of sharing good content which makes it an authentic post from the heart that would draw others to the business shores. If the posts are dynamic, they would motivate readers to share them naturally with their own circles of influence or contacts.

Music Spices Up Life

How interesting that Facebook should team up with Universal Music Group to permit users in uploading songs in videos. This is a definite plus for web users who can now share their favorite videos freely without violations of the copyrights.

Web consumers can now enjoy music from their favorite UMG artists without guilt and spread more love and peace through music instead of illegal downloads. Now, more creativity, connectivity and new innovation via music as web users may now build their preferred social media community freely and without watching their backs on copyright infringements.

It is a delight that Facebook is being proactive in the end to its web users by offering features that would bring them together from all corners of the world in building the communities.


Facebook is proactive in developing the best of social interaction that would enhance the online experience of its web users. This is the right direction a socially responsible entity should take on in serving its fans and followers.